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Meet the family
Clara glanced at him, squeezing Nazo’s hand briefly. “It’s not like they’ll hate you,” she reassured him, getting out of the car. Nazo sighed, following Clara toward the small house.
“Guys, Clara’s here and she brought someone,” A woman called. Nazo had barely made it through the door.
He swallowed as he was tugged into the living room by a girl with orange hair and freckles. Nazo glanced down as an old man held his hand out, saying, “Nice to finally meet my daughter’s boyfriend,”
“You too,” he replied, gripping the old cat’s hand.
Nazo grit his teeth as someone slapped him on the back.
“Nice job, sis,” Jack said, tossing an arm around Nazo. “You finally found someone who can put up with you.”
Clara groaned, elbowing Jack out of the way. “Don’t start—.”
“Is this the boy you’ve been telling me about?” a grey-haired woman asked, walking tow
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“Are you sure it’s alright for me to stay here?”
He didn’t notice Sandy had elbowed Shadow in the gut until she smiled. “Course it is, shug. Just make yourself comfortable.”
Parappa nodded, casting a wary glance at Shadow. He stayed on the couch, even when Sandy left to go change. He could feel Shadow’s glare practically burn.
“Get off my—.” Shadow started, never finishing as Parappa scurried off.
The floor was familiar and a lot more comforting than being anywhere near Shadow. Even more so after whatever that light was yesterday.
“Alright, boys, time to hit the hay, so let’s start…” Sandy paused, glancing around.  “Shadow, where’d the boy go?”
“Over here,” he called, waving his hand.
Sandy peered over the bed, asking, “What are you doin’ down there?”
“I’m sleeping here,” it was an immediate reply, Parappa didn
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Which one?
Nazo pressed his face against Clara’s stomach, humming softly. He never felt like this before, for once in his life he felt elated.
“Nazo,” Clara said, running a hand through his hair. “Do you think it’ll be a boy or girl?”
Nazo sat up, his hand resting against Clara’s stomach as it moved. “I’ll be happy with whichever as long as you’re around,” he said, a small smile on his face.
A few months ago, he never thought that something as complicated as another life was possible for them. Yet here they were, almost nine months along with no problems.
Nazo wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to that name. He looked up, looking at his six-year-old son. He looked more like his mother every day. “Yes, Nez?” he replied, closing the book in his lap.
“Can we go to the park?” Nez asked, walking further into the room as Jenny raced by him.
She climbed into Nazo’s lap, flashing hi
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Sandy shifted, making sure the bottle didn’t fall. She looked down at their daughter, smiling as her green eyes met Sandy’s after roaming the small nursey. It was rare for her to be up at this hour, she normally slept through the night unlike Sam.
“Shade,” she cooed, smiling once more as Shade’s tiny hands flexed around the bottle. Sandy leaned back in the rocking chair, fixing the cloth on her shoulder as it slipped. Her laugh was soft as she said, “We thought you were a boy, since we wanted y’all two to be a surprise. You was real close to bein’ Shadow Jr.”
Shade blinked, smacking her lips as she pushed away the empty bottle. Sandy held Shade against her chest, patting her back and standing. Sandy hummed under her breath, turning as the door creaked.
“I was wondering,” she paused, her gaze flicking to the empty doorway then looking down at Rune and Bryce. “Oh. What are you doin’ up?” she whispered, pu
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Avery banged on Triton’s door, his tail slicing the water as he waited. There was no way Triton was going to be absent for something this important. He swam in once the door opened, glancing at
Triton’s red hair in every direction and his headband missing.
“Get dressed,” he said, shaking his older brother from his half asleep stupor. “I never heard of someone missing their own coronation.”
Triton blinked, opening the closet. “I forgot that was today. Why didn’t you come earlier?” he asked, throwing on the white and gold vest and brushing his hair.
Avery wore the same vest, aside from the dark blue color scheme. Their father wanted to differentiate the two since his eyesight started to go.  
“Mom needed my help with something. Now, let’s go, everyone’s waiting for us.” Avery said, pulling Triton out the door and dodging servants and guards.
They burst through the door, quietly swimming up to the priest.
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No shave December?
Music played in the background as everyone crowded in the living room, the fire popping and cracking. It seemed like nothing could go wrong on Christmas Eve morning for the most part.
“When we said be Santa, we didn’t mean this,” Sam said, gesturing to the current situation. To them at least.  “At the most, you’re gonna disappoint them. Especially Aiko.”
Shadow gasped. Maybe, they couldn’t really tell. “I didn’t disappoint you guys when you were small. I didn’t even have a beard.”
“We knew Santa wasn’t real,” Maria jumped in, “you’re the one who told us.”
Fair enough, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He’d be the best Santa this Christmas, even if it killed him. It just might at the rate his family was mutinying against him. Specifically, Rune, but he doesn’t mean it.  Shadow hoped he didn’t.
“What we’re saying is,” Bryce said, walki
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A lesson of skating
“I swear if you let me go, I’ll never forgive you,” Clara said, her voice wobbling near the end as she tightened her grip on Nazo. “I won’t,” he replied, skating back on the ice. She stumbled after him, wincing as someone flew by.
The scrape of ice against metal followed afterwards, and Nazo sort of wished Clara would let go of him. “Also, please stand up straight.”
She held onto him a bit longer before putting her hands on his arms to support herself. “Now what?”
Nazo skated backwards, unsurprised at Clara’s whimper as she stumbled after him. Clara leaned against him, pressing her face into his shoulder. Nazo turned, smiling as Clara held onto him.
“You do know you won’t learn unless you let go of me, right?” he said, taking her hands in his, putting some distance between them.
One of her ears twitched as she nodded, slowly moving backwards. “Like this?”
Nazo nodded, guiding them around the
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Bryce cleared his throat, looking at the canvas and glancing at the model perched on the block, her hair braided with her back to him as a shirt covered everything except her shoulders and mid back. Charcoal stained his fingers as he tried his best not to think about last night. He was foolish enough to think going out of the country would distance himself from what happened sixteen years ago. To some people that might have seemed long ago, but to him it was still fresh and raw.
It felt like yesterday, and he knew he wouldn’t just get over it. It still hurt for fuck’s sake, and it wasn’t getting any better. He still lied when his mother wanted to talk about it, saying over and over that he was fine until he started to believe it himself. That didn’t last long when he saw Leigh’s face again, smiling at him like they were old friends. Like she hadn’t forced herself on him to ‘prove’ he liked women enough to have sex with one and enjoy it.
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Play for me
Nazo pushed the door open, smiling as his mother sat down. The piano looming over him, he watched as his mother pressed her fingers to the keys, the melody of Moonlight Sonata easily flowing throughout the room.
“Mom,” Nazo said, reaching up to tug at her sleeve. “Can you teach me?”
She stopped, smiling down at him. “Of course,” she replied, lifting him next to her and taking his hands in hers, pressing them against the keys and playing the melody again, moving her son’s fingers with hers.
He looked at her as she let go, saying, “Try it by yourself.”
He nodded, slowly playing it again, the notes choppy and discordant before stopping. He frowned, pressing his fingers against the keys just like his mother had except it sounded different. It was supposed to sound the same.
His mother laughed, pinching his cheek. “It’s alright. You have to practice. I’ll be right here with you if you want.”
He looked at her, gett
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Tell me about your world
The taste of salt filled his mouth as he washed ashore, coughing and spluttering as the last and first thing he saw was blue. Blue hair, blue eyes, blue not legs? Maybe he did drown or just hallucinating. Nazo looked forward, watching the girl—mermaid—smile. Wait, mermaid?
He looked closer as water lapped against his boot and her pale blue skin, dark blue hair, and fins. He only heard of mermaids as legends, mostly from his father. That they would show up to drown you and your crew. Or were those sirens?
“You saved me,” he said, feeling the warm sand underneath his palm.
She nodded, a light blush showing on her cheeks. “Yes. I’ve been watching you—your crew—for a while now. I’m Clara. Nice to finally meet you, Captain Nazo.” She said, holding her hand out.
He took it, thankful the sun was out so he wouldn’t be wet for long. Where she put him was just as warm he quietly noticed.
“What’s it like? Being with peo
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Nazo stiffened, briefly wondering why he even bothered to come to the annual Spring festival. He didn’t enjoy being around all the lights, noise, and sugary sweets that’d no doubt make his head hurt just by looking at them. He really should’ve stayed home after all.
“Nazo,” Clara called, running towards him and grasping his hand. “I’m glad you made it.”
He simply nodded as she began tugging him along to God knows where, and rambling on about food she wanted to try.
“So, where do you want to go first?” She asked, smiling and looking at him.
He blushed, assuming he’d been caught admiring Clara instead of actually listening.
“Where ever you want. The fireworks start in a few minutes.” Nazo said, watching laughing children pass by.
Clara nodded, tugging him along again. “We can get a bento box and watch the fireworks go off.”
He would’ve missed this if he stayed home. He hummed in reply, smiling
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“How long have you been lying on the floor?” He asked, lifting me off the ground.
I shrugged, saying, “Couple minutes. Somehow stubbin’ my toe hurts more.”
A scoff was my only reply to that statement.
Sitting on the counter, I snorted hearing the nearly silent snap of medical gloves. It’s just a splinter, there’s no need for a mask and all.
“At least it’s not a bullet this time.” He said, kneeling.
“I ain’t know it was loaded,” I retorted. “Besides ya shouldn’t have jus’ left it lyin’ around.”
“So the second time was on purpose?”
“Shut up.” I muttered, folding my arms against my chest. “Don’t ya think yer over prepared?”
He glanced up at me, replying, “No, I don’t and…oops.”
“Shadow,” I started only to get cut off by a dish towel clinging to my face.
“It’s not that bad. I promise, just keep
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Don't Lie to Me
“There ain’t nothin’ beautiful about me. I’m just a gangly built tomboy that scares all the boys away, and that’s that.” Sandy said, arms wrapped around her ‘tomboyish’ frame.
 That, according to one Shadow Timothy Hedgehog, was an absolute lie. Or at least that’s what he realized a few weeks ago right after “The intercom incident” and he’d heard her laugh while Bryce complained. He realized that after his contract was fulfilled, it wouldn’t hurt to spend four more days around her.
 “If you scared all the boys away, then how am I lying in our bed?” he said, turning over to look at her.
 She snorted, taking her eyes off her reflection. “You haven’t gotten up yet, that’s how.” She replied, her arms wrapped more tightly.
 “Good point,” he mumbled, sitting up and putting his feet to the floor, “Gangly built, howe
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Nazo grit his teeth as the wound he received from a certain blue hedgehog stung, droplets of drying blood hitting the ground the closer he got to home. Well, if some cat girl would stop following him.
"What do you want?" He asked, turning to look at her.
She cleared her throat, walking towards Nazo. "You need to clean your wound, it'll get infected."
"I'm fine," He replied, starting to walk away, "Go home already."
Clara huffed, trailing behind him.
 "At least let me get the blood out of your fur." She offered, catching up to him.
 His brows furrowed as he exhaled through his nose. "Fine, but--"
 Clara smiled, grabbing his arm and going towards the nearby river. At least she didn't try to pry about his injury or himself for that matter.
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Farther Away
A/N: Happy belated birthday to JediAnnSolo! Just a small thing I wanted to do. I don’t know if I got the characters right or not, but it’s based on this pic. Might not be my best. Inspired by The last song I’m wasting on you by Evanescence.
Fox’s POV
“Marcus,” I said, glancing at him. “Are you okay?”
His back faced me; shoulders slumped with his head down. “I’m fine,” He mumbled. “Are we going home soon?”
“I don’t know, but I’m sure your mother is looking for us.”
She’s looking for you. This is all my fault anyway, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she just let me rot here. If only I had gotten home earlier.
“Is it my fault?” He suddenly asked, turning to face me.
I shook my head, answering, “No, not at all. I’m sorry you got caught up in my mess.”
That’s what this whole thing is, a giant mess. I still don’t know exactly what they
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Sleeping Beauty
Tugging on the reins, she looked up at the tower. Patting the horse’s white coat, she slid off the steed, going forward to pull on the wrought iron handle. Having the door creak open, Sandy looked into the corridor leading to a set of stairs. Normally silence wouldn’t be this off putting, but the various bodies she saw peeking out of shadowed corners as she ascended the stairs convinced her otherwise.
This castle’s been under a sleeping spell for at least twenty years, or at least that’s what the old man told her. Finally reaching the top, an almost tired smile lit up the princess’ face at meeting a large door. She wasn’t here for money or even the prince, she heard he caused a lot of trouble, but her mother wouldn’t let up about this over pompous duke asking for her hand in marriage. So, maybe she could get out of it.
Nonetheless, she grabbed the handle on the sagging door and pulled it open. The overbearing smell of herbs and flowers b
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